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Group visit/prebooking.

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For all group visits/cruise visits/travel companies with prebooking special rates apply.

We customize the group visit. The group gets its own guides, priority in relation to other visitors, and specially adapted guiding at Kjerringøy, and serving, if desired and ordered in advance. Please notice that off season we have a minimum of 15 people before we can offer a guided visit.


For prebooked groups coming to us we can offer this:

Anna Elisabeth of Kjerringøy

This is our most famous tour, where you are brought along in the main house where Anna Elisabeth lived. Here it is as though time has stood still. Everything item in the house belonged to Anna Elisabeth and her family. You get to know the big differences between the service people and the family itself, and a good insight into how their lives were.


Kjerringøy - an innovative business

In this tour, the focus is on the great financial flair of the owners of the trading venue;
 Christian Sverdrup, Jens Nicolai Ellingsen, Anna Elisabeth Ellingsen Zahl and Erasmus BK Zahl and their ability to think innovatively and long-term, and run the trading post as the daunting business it was.Kjerringøy trading post - an innovative business


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