Kjerringøy trading post

When you visit us, you can watch our beautiful picture show "Anna Elisabeth of Kjerringøy" before attending one of our guided tours. We offer two guided tours, one in the the unique main building, and one in the area with selected buildings.

In Kramboden, the old shop, you will find yet another unspoiled interior, where even parts of the product range from 1800 and the first half of the 1900s still is in the shelves. In addition, the store offers new nostalgic merchandise and travel memorabilia which you can buy and bring with you home.

In the reception shop, you get a good selection of local, sustainable sales products - from silver jewelery, viking jewelery, wood products and custom goods.

The trading post has a rich cafe, focusing on home-made, local food and on sunny days, coffee and cake can be enjoyed outdoors in the trading family's garden.

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Visit out of season  

We accept group visits throughout the year. Request and price quotation is addressed to:

Phone Kjerringøy Handelssted   910 06 443

E-mail:   booking.kjerringoy@nordlandsmuseet.no

For all groups / cruise / travel companies that pre-order,  own prices apply. 
We specially customize your own schedule when visiting: 
The group gets its own guides, priority over other visitors, and specially adapted tour for the individual and serving if desired and ordered.  


Kjerringøy is located   40 km   north of Bodø along Rv.834. There is a 10-minute ferry ride over the Mistfjord.

Fergeruta Festvåg - The missing you will find   here .

You can find a bus route to Kjerringøy   here .

For accommodation, dining and outdoor activities, check   http://www.kjerringoy.info