How to get to Kjerringøy

After a 30 minute drive north of Bodø, Kjerringøy reveals itself!

Kjerringøy is located 40 km north of Bodø along Rv.834. The drive to Festvåg takes approximately 30 minutes. Then There is a 10-minute ferry ride over to Misten and Kjerringøy. From Misten and to the trading post it`s a 10-15 minute drive.

Parking at the church, vis a vis the trading post.

The ferry route Festvåg - Misten you will find   here .

You can find a bus route to Kjerringøy   here .

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GPS Coordinates

N 67° 31.147′, E 14° 45.395′

WGS 84 – desimal:
67.51912, 14.75658